Laidoje „Kalba du žemaičiai” pokalbis apie Vyriausybės „perkrovimą”

Laidoje „Kalba du žemaičiai” pokalbis apie Vyriausybės „perkrovimą” Ar įmanomas Vyriausybės perkrovimas prie Ingridos Šimonytės ir Gabrieliaus Landsbergio ambicijų? Čekučių skandalas - valdžios bėgimas nuo kur kas...
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Kaimynų dienos šventimas

Kaimynų dienos šventimas

Kiekvienais metais gegužės pabaigą puošia graži kaiminystės tradicijas puoselėjanti  šventė! Tad vakar ta proga Kaune, Laisvės alėjoje nubangavo, nuskambėjo, nulingavo,...
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15 min studijoje apie elektroninių cigarečių draudimo iniciatyvą

15 min studijoje apie elektroninių cigarečių draudimo iniciatyvą

Apie el. cigarečių vartojimo problemą ir galimus sprendimo būdus studijoje diskutavo Seimo narys Aureijus Veryga, LSMU gyvensenos medicinos studijų programos...
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Dalyvavimas konferencijoje

Dalyvavimas konferencijoje

Gegužės 12 d. Seimo narys Aurelijus Veryga dalyvavo tarptautinėje Europos priklausomybės ligų mokslinių tyrimų asociacijos konferencijoje „Elgesio priklausomybės. Mokslinių tyrimų vaidmuo,...
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Mielos mylimos mamos,

Mielos mylimos mamos,

tikrus ir labai svarbius dalykus žodžiais nusakyti yra sudėtinga. Atrodytų, kad bet kokios kalbos tik susiaurina ir apriboja tai, kas...
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Alkoholio užsienio naujienos – 24/2016

Reuters (EU) – Heineken F1 deal triggers new call for alcohol ban
Dutch brewer Heineken’s sponsorship deal with Formula One, announced last week, has led to renewed calls from European campaigners for a ban on alcohol sponsorship in the sport.
The Local (France) – Booze-loving France ‘complicit’ in alcohol deaths
France’s love for fine wines and liqueurs means the government is closing its eyes to prevent 49,000 alcohol deaths a year, a new damning report will say.
Irish Independent (Ireland) – Alcohol means you’re less likely to wear seatbelt
The RSA’s recently published Pre-Crash Report found that alcohol was a contributory factor in 38pc of all crashes between 2008 and 2012. This has shocked many.
Science Codex – Laws limiting alcohol sales may have measurable public health effects
It is the largest study to focus on the relation between alcohol use and cardiovascular disease, and shows that laws restricting alcohol sales may have measurable public health effects that may be both beneficial and harmful.
The Canberra Times (Australia) – Canberrans want 3am last drinks: alcohol poll
Most Canberrans want 3am last drinks for bars, clubs and pubs, and many feel more threatened in the city by drunks than people high on drugs.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) – 25% of males age 15-39 die due to alcohol
One in four deaths of young men aged from 15 to 39 in Ireland is due to alcohol and drink is a factor in half of all suicides, according to the Health Research Board.
CT Post (USA) – AMA calls for ban of powdered alcohol
The American Medical Association announced Tuesday that it supports federal and state laws banning powdered alcohol in the United States. Approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in 2015, powered alcohol, also known as “Palcohol,” is equivalent to a standard-sized cocktail when mixed with six ounces of liquid. Connecticut banned the substance in 2015.
The Guardian (Australia) – More Australians seeking treatment for alcohol consumption than any other drug
About one in 200 Australians sought treatment for drug use in 2014–15, with alcohol the main drug people needed help with, a new report from the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare launched on Wednesday shows.
Science Daily – Adolescent alcohol, marijuana use leads to poor academic performance, health problems
Adolescents who use both marijuana and alcohol during middle school and high school are more likely to have poor academic performance and mental health during high school, according to a new study that followed a group of students over a seven-year period.
TIME (France) – France Pushes for Euro 2016 Alcohol Ban in Wake of Fan Violence
France has called for alcohol bans in cities hosting Euro 2016 matches following three days of heavy clashes between fans and police in Marseille.
Daily Mail (EU) – MEPs order champagne and scotch to their desks: European Parliament revealed to have alcohol delivery service and special restaurant serving gourmet meals 
MEPs in Brussels can order champagne and whisky to be served at their desks, it has been revealed today. The European Parliament lavishes its members with an alcohol delivery service as well as offering them gourmet meals in special restaurants reserved just for them.
Scottish Legal News (Scotland) – Scottish government proposes limit on alcohol sales
Proposals to introduce a national target for reducing Scotland’s drinking levels would see pubs and supermarkets restricted in the amount of alcohol they sell.

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