Fotoreportažas iš vizito broliškoje Ukrainoje

Fotoreportažas iš vizito broliškoje Ukrainoje Šis foto reportažas skirtas papasakoti apie šios dienos Ukrainos patiriamą agresiją ir jos pasekmes, bet kartu ir Ukrainos tautos...
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Vizitas į karo niokojamą Ukrainą

Vizitas į karo niokojamą Ukrainą

Liudyti siaubą. Liudyti gyvą XXI amžiaus žmonių priekaištą kitiems žmonėms, kad žmogiškumo nebuvo. Kad žmogiškumas buvo sutryptas rusiškais batais ir...
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Laidoje „NeRedaguota“ pokalbis apie sveikatos apsaugos sistemą

Laidoje „NeRedaguota“ pokalbis apie sveikatos apsaugos sistemą
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Vėžio iššūkis gyvenimui. Arba mintys sulaukus Pasaulinės kovos su vėžiu dienos

Vėžio iššūkis gyvenimui. Arba mintys sulaukus Pasaulinės kovos su vėžiu dienos

Jei paklausčiau, kam iš mūsų savo aplinkoje teko susidurti su diagnoze „vėžys“, ko gero, tarp skaitančių šį straipsnį neatsirastų nė...
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Ar pandemijos valdymo apribojimai dar veikia?

Ar pandemijos valdymo apribojimai dar veikia?

Gal drąsokai nuskambės, bet manau, kad jei šiandien būtų panaikinti visi įmanomi pandemijos valdymo apribojimai, jau niekas nebepasikeistų. Vaikų varymas...
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Alkoholio užsienio naujienos – 32/2016

Alcohol News –


Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) – Alcohol interlocks for more drivers

The number of drivers subject to alcohol interlocks in Dunedin may increase from a handful to several hundred, under the Government’s proposed changes, Sober Check director Gavin Foster says.

The Independent – Student debt worries causing depression and alcohol dependency, new research finds

Students who experience financial difficulties and worry about debt have a higher chance of suffering from depression and alcohol dependency, new research has found.

The Guardian (UK) – Olympic sponsorship and alcohol don’t mix

As medical bodies and charities who support children and young people through sport, we are writing to express our concern that Strongbow is an official partner of Team GB at the 2016 Olympic Games. – Your lungs may be at risk when you drink too much alcohol

Researchers have discovered another reason to reduce alcohol consumption, finding that adults who drink excessively have less nitric oxide in their exhaled breath than adults who don’t drink.

Republica – Euro 2016 violence to influence Qatar World Cup alcohol plan

The hooliganism at the European Championship in France could affect the availability of alcohol at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. – to ban alcohol sales on all early morning flights

After last week’s warnings that UK airports are becoming a “wild west” thanks to round-the-clock availability of alcohol, one UK airline has announced its plans to ban the sale of on-board booze before 8am. – Uncovering the link between alcohol and cancer

New Zealand’s leading experts in public health and alcohol harm, Professor Jennie Connor and Professor Doug Sellman, will be in New Plymouth this month to present the evidence that alcohol directly causes cancer.

Irish Times (Ireland) – Irish women trapped in an abusive relationship with alcohol

Recent media reports of an emerging trend in younger women in their 30s and 40s developing liver failure due to increased alcohol consumption may have surprised many who read the headlines but to those of us who work in the field of addiction, there was no surprise.

The National (Nepal/UAE) – Alcohol takes grim toll on Nepalese in UAE

Young labourers have been warned about the perils of alcohol after figures showed a steep rise in the number of Nepalese workers in the UAE dying of drink-related illnesses.

Times of India (India) – Indians prone to cancer due to obesity, alcohol intake: Experts

Indians are more prone to oesophageal and other types of cancer due to obesity resulting from sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits as well as alcohol intake, according to medical experts.

RT (UK) – ‘Drunkorexia’: Brits skipping meals for guilt-free binge drinking

Britons are regularly skipping meals so they can binge on booze without gaining weight, a new study into the nation’s health has revealed.

Irish Examiner (Ireland) – Charity slams drinks industry call for tax cut

Last month, the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI) used its pre-budget submission to demand the reduction. It said a cut in alcohol excise was a “vital response to the new and immediate effect of the uncertainty caused by Brexit”.

Holyrood (Scotland) – Zika virus is not the birth defect risk Scotland should be most worried about

Alcohol, not the Zika virus, is the Olympian challenge for Scotland when it comes to the brain development of babies, according to prevention author Dr Jonathan Sher.

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