Kauno motošaulių tradicinis žygis per Lietuvą

Kauno motošaulių tradicinis žygis per Lietuvą

Baigėsi trečiasis Lietuvos šaulių sąjungos Vytauto Didžiojo šaulių 2-osios rinktinės Motošaulių būrio, kurio narys yra Aurelijus Veryga, žygis per Lietuvą....
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Pažymėjimų įteikimas

Pažymėjimų įteikimas

Šiandien Seime Vyriausoji rinkimų komisija įteikė Europos parlamentarų pažymėjimus. Daug emocijų. Nors tęsiasi politinė veikla, bet ji įgyja kitokį pobūdį,...
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Mūsų idėjos Europos Parlamente

Mūsų idėjos Europos Parlamente

Kviečiame balsuoti už Lietuvos valstiečių ir žaliųjų sąjungą Europos Parlamento rinkimuose birželio 9 d., jei pritariate šioms idėjoms: Europos Sąjungos...
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Mes jau balsavome!

Mes jau balsavome!

Šaunioji Lietuvos valstiečių ir žaliųjų sąjungos komanda jau atidavė savo balsus už SĄRAŠĄ NR. 5 Ateikite ir Jūs! Būsime labai...
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Europos Parlamento debatai apie karą, imigraciją, šeimą

Europos Parlamento debatai apie karą, imigraciją, šeimą

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_No9-3h1MhE Naujienų portalas 15min surengė didžiuosius kandidatų į Europos Parlamentą debatus Vilniaus miesto rotušėje. Kandidatai juose buvo suskirstyti į dvi...
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Alkoholio užsienio naujienos – 26/2016

Alcohol News – http://alcoholweekly.blogspot.com.ee/
BBC – Euro 2016: Football alcohol adverts seen ‘once a minute’
People who watched Wales’ Euro 2016 game against England on television saw alcohol marketing almost once every minute during play, a study has found.
ConsumerAffairs – Why seniors should limit alcohol consumption
In recent years there has been plenty of research suggesting that there are health benefits that come with moderate alcohol consumption. Here’s a study suggesting older consumers, in particular, should avoid it – or at least limit their consumption.
Daily Mail – Drinking alcohol DOES increase your chance of cancer – and even moderate drinkers are at greater risk
It is known that drinking excess alcohol can increase a person’s risk of various cancers. But now, a new study has revealed even moderate drinkers should be concerned.
Drinking alcohol has become an almost essential rite of passage for youths entering the free and adult world. Alcohol is a legal, accessible, and socially acceptable drug, and our culture portrays drinking it as fun, sexy, and cool. Yet what many alcohol consumers choose not to recognize (or simply aren’t aware of) are the many harmful effects it has on our well-being — I’m talking body, mind, and soul.
Irish Times (Ireland) – One in five admit ‘alcohol-related harms’ in Galway survey
One in five people admitted to “alcohol-related harms” due to their drinking habits in a new survey of alcohol use in Galway city.
AllAfrica.com – Tanzania: Govt Asked to Establish Effective Alcohol Policy
The government has been asked to formulate and implement a comprehensive alcohol policy to curb rising health and social related problems caused by excessive consumption of liquors so that the nation can achieve sustainable development goals.
AllAfrica.com – Botswana: Organisation Raises Awareness On Alcohol Consumption
Some organisations across the world are on their feet to fight alcohol consumption among children and the youth.
Medical Xpress (Norway) – Alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment is more effective when the family is involved
Between 50,000 and 150,000 children in Norway live with a parent whose alcohol consumption is in the risk zone. The same might apply to as many as 100,000 spouses or partners.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) – Frustration over alcohol being sold to minors
Police are frustrated at the number of licensed premises in Auckland’s suburbs selling alcohol to minors. In a sting operation over the weekend, four of the six on-licence premises Auckland police targeted served alcohol to under-18s.
Foodprocessing (Sweden) – „Our products can make you ugly, fat, and unhappy” — alcohol marketing in Sweden
In Sweden you can only buy alcohol during restricted weekday hours, until 3 pm on Saturdays and not at all on Sundays or holidays. And you can only buy it from one state-owned monopoly — Systembolaget.
The Moscow Times (Russia) – Putin Signs Law Limiting Russia’s Beer Sales
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill banning the production and sale in Russia of beer in plastic bottles larger than 1.5 liters, the RBC news website reported Friday.
Psychiatry Advisor – „Drunkorexia” Linked To Both Eating and Substance Use Disorders
Researchers from the University of Kansas have found that “drunkorexia,” a behavior pattern of repeatedly fasting or purging to compensate for the amount of calories consumed during binge drinking, may be linked to both eating disorders and substance abuse disorders.

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