Laidoje “Puikūs pralaimėjimai” pokalbis apie klaidas, draudimus ir politinę kultūrą

Šiandien, kaip niekada anksčiau, suprantame daug kartų girdėtą išmintį, kad ką nors branginti pradedame tik tada, kai kažką brangaus prarandame....
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NeRedaguota pokalbis su Sauliumi Skverneliu ir Aurelijumi Veryga

NeRedaguota pokalbis su Sauliumi Skverneliu ir Aurelijumi Veryga
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Šiandien mano paskutinė darbo diena LR Sveikatos apsaugos ministro pozicijoje. Esu pirmasis ministras išbuvęs šioje pozicijoje visą keturių metų kadenciją....
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Startuoja portalas mažiesiems „“ – padės spręsti kylančius iššūkius pandemijos metu

Startuoja portalas mažiesiems „“ – padės spręsti kylančius iššūkius pandemijos metu

Karantino metu ilgas valandas leidžiant namuose gali pasidaryti nuobodu – ypač mažiesiems šeimos nariams. Po truputį tai perauga į nerimą...
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Alkoholio užsienio naujienos – 25/2016

Alcohol News –


The Irish Times (Ireland) – Three people die from alcohol a day in Ireland, report shows

Three people a day die from drinking alcohol in Ireland as the health costs from the drug continue to rise, a new report shows.

Medscape (USA) – Outlaw Powdered Alcohol for Kids’ Sake, AMA Says

Powdered alcohol has yet to reach store shelves in the United States, and the American Medical Association (AMA) wants to keep it that way by banning this product as a potential public health threat to youth.

Wall Street Journal – Study Finds Drinking Alcohol Associated With Heart-Rhythm Disorder

A study comparing hospital admissions in “wet” versus “dry” counties in Texas offers a surprising new perspective on how alcohol consumption may affect the health of your heart.

CTV News – Higher autism prevalence in children prenatally exposed to alcohol: pilot study

A new pilot study found that the prevalence of autism among children prenatally exposed to alcohol was significantly higher than the prevalence in the overall Canadian population.

Science Daily – Laws limiting alcohol sales may have measurable public health effects

It is the largest study to focus on the relation between alcohol use and cardiovascular disease, and shows that laws restricting alcohol sales may have measurable public health effects that may be both beneficial and harmful.

Times of San Diego – Do We Really Want The Culture Big Alcohol Is Pushing?

Having wine with a haircut, drinking — not coffee — but wine and beer at Starbucks, knocking back a beer in a clothing boutique, downing tequila shots while shopping at Target, indulging in margaritas with a Taco Bell burrito, and consuming mixed drinks in our local family multiplex. (USA) – Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policies are More Powerful than Ever

In addition to protecting employees and reducing injuries, the enhanced penalties of the 2005 revision of the Missouri Workers Compensation Act make it even more beneficial for policyholders to create and enforce drug and alcohol policies.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) – Scotland ‘worst in world’ for binge drink damage

SCOTLAND is the worst country in the world for alcohol drinkers who require medical treatment after drinking binges, according to a study.


In China, most of the young people don’t like to drink but drinking has become a custom in the business environment of China nowadays. Market research observed that a few companies also draw up guidelines about drinking which is becoming essential for employment.

New York Times – Drinking by Numbers

AT a recent physical, I was surprised by the way the usual questionnaire jolted me with one query in particular: How many drinks do you have a week, on average? There was a time about 10 years ago when I’d have said two a week as a baseline; now it’s more like two a day.

The Age (Australia) – Parents’ ‘risky’ drinking encourages teens

Charlotte Thompson, 13, has tried a sip of her mum’s champagne before and, frankly, “it tasted disgusting”.

Independent Online (South Africa) – Screen teens for underage drinking, says experts

Children should be screened for alcohol use and exposed to regular interventions about the associated dangers, as underage drinking is getting out of control.

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