Laidoje “Puikūs pralaimėjimai” pokalbis apie klaidas, draudimus ir politinę kultūrą

Šiandien, kaip niekada anksčiau, suprantame daug kartų girdėtą išmintį, kad ką nors branginti pradedame tik tada, kai kažką brangaus prarandame....
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NeRedaguota pokalbis su Sauliumi Skverneliu ir Aurelijumi Veryga

NeRedaguota pokalbis su Sauliumi Skverneliu ir Aurelijumi Veryga
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Šiandien mano paskutinė darbo diena LR Sveikatos apsaugos ministro pozicijoje. Esu pirmasis ministras išbuvęs šioje pozicijoje visą keturių metų kadenciją....
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Startuoja portalas mažiesiems „“ – padės spręsti kylančius iššūkius pandemijos metu

Startuoja portalas mažiesiems „“ – padės spręsti kylančius iššūkius pandemijos metu

Karantino metu ilgas valandas leidžiant namuose gali pasidaryti nuobodu – ypač mažiesiems šeimos nariams. Po truputį tai perauga į nerimą...
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Alkoholio užsienio naujienos – 33/2016

Alcohol News –


Newshub (New Zealand) – Government announces fetal alcohol plan

The Government has a plan to reduce the number of babies born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

The Canberra Times (Australia/ Sri Lanka) – Universal lessons: Canberra experts fight alcohol, domestic abuse in Sri Lanka

Dr Kamalini Lokuge’s heart broke when she heard how a Sri Lankan preschool child told his teacher that “his dad always drinks and his mum runs around the house at night saying she’s going to kill herself”.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) – Alcohol advertising on Auckland bus

Advertisements promoting alcohol products have been spotted on Link Buses around Auckland. The advertisements for Brothers Beer, Corona and Selaks wines on the buses follow a revelation this month that Auckland Council holds investments in alcohol giants SABMiller and Pernod Ricard. (New Zealand) – Doug Sellman: An irresponsible alcohol industry is doing its best to confuse

University of Otago’s Professor Jennie Connor has had two prestigious publications in the past month highlighting the fact that alcohol causes cancer in moderate drinkers in New Zealand.

Medical Daily – Low-Alcohol Beers May Reduce Drunk Driving, Drink-Related Injuries And Deaths Worldwide

Strong beers may be a thing of the past, according to a new body of research published in the Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology. After studying alcohol’s effect on society, a team of Canadian researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) found that cutting back on ethanol, which is the intoxicating ingredient in alcohol, could potentially lower a person’s total alcohol intake in the long run.

Irish Health (Ireland) – Alcohol warning ahead of Leaving Cert results

Parents of students due to receive their Leaving Cert results this week are being encouraged to talk to their children about the risks associated with alcohol use.

Economic Times – Need to cut down on drinking alcohol? Getting in a relationship might help 

Being in a relationship could be wonderful in more ways than one. A new study indicates that people who are married, or cohabiting, generally tend to drink less – that’s fewer drinks, and less frequently.

Daily Mail (UK) – Baby boomers are ‘drinking themselves into an early grave’ because they’re LONELY

The ‘baby boomers’, those born during the surge of births between 1946–1964, comprise around a quarter of the population in the UK.

Daily Mail – Boozing after exercising is WORSE than skipping a work-out altogether: Alcohol ‘stunts muscle growth during exercise recovery period’

It seems logical: if you want a guilt-free hangover, best hit the gym before the bar. But according to new research, that is the worst thing you can do.

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